Your Crisis Contact (YCC)

Your Crisis Contact (YCC)

 Contact Information
Phone# :
(763) 250-YCC0
(or) (763) 250-9220

Emai Id :
If it is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1 

For general Temple enquiries please call front desk at (763) 425-9449. 

Your Crisis Contact (YCC)

YCC is a support group for the Indian Community in Minneapolis and St. Paul with a goal of providing guidance, encouragement and much needed moral support in hours of extreme need and crisis.


Our community is growing, with that growth comes tremendous achievements and several accomplishments we all can be proud of.  As with any growth, there will be various crisis situations or challenges faced by members of our community which may be insurmountable to face or manage it alone.

The inspiration for the group of people to come together, came from the realization that there are unmet needs in the community and together we can make a difference.

Our community is accomplished, experienced, caring, and well connected – together we can make a difference. We plan to offer support to the families or to an individual in any overwhelming situation by connecting them to the right resources, so that the outcome is not left to chance, but is rooted in guidance and encouragement.

There are other organizations in Twin Cities who are providing similar services, however we feel that the broader community is not aware of the available services and resources.  YCC can increase the reach to a broader community and help address the unmet needs.

YCC Volunteers

●      Doctors

●      Attorneys

●      IT Professionals

●      Social Workers

●      Engineers

●      Business men

●      Accountants

●      Much More..


What is a crisis situation?

1.       Medical Emergency

a.       Condition that requires immediate support (Prognosis, alternatives, second opinion etc)

b.       Visitors health emergency

2.       Death in the family

3.       Medico Legal issues

4.       Child Protection Situations

5.       Domestic/Physical Abuse issues

6.       Legal/Finance/Taxes/Immigration issues

7.       Other issues where individual or family needs guidance or resources


In times of crisis, when you are overwhelmed, please take comfort in the fact that someone in your community has either experienced this before or has expertise in your area to offer support or connect you with the right resource.

This is where the YCC can help.  We will do our best to CONNECT you to the right resource!

Therefore YCC is about: Providing guidance in crisis situations


We do this by relying on: a community network of experienced volunteers, by adhering to utmost Confidentiality & Privacy

What do we do? Provide guidance in crisis situations

How do we do? By connecting to the right resource

Guiding Principle?  Privacy and Confidentiality                   

YCC is not

●      A provider of legal or medical advice

●      A substitute for professional services

●      About rallying community for a cause

●      About addressing domestic issues

Finally, this is a voluntary group consisting of a diverse set of experienced and concerned members of the community who believe in the power of connectedness and outreach. 

Our services are voluntary.  We sincerely do hope we are needed less, BUT, if there is a need, we want the community to know that you are not alone!