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Our community has been blessed with visionary leaders, administrators, large number of devoted volunteers and teachers who come up with innovative ideas.  Our team of very dedicated priests provides their services to meet our spiritual & religious needs.  Our Hindu American Temple School (HATS) students, teachers, volunteers, youth leaders, have managed to put every bit of space to very good use at our temple!  Our corridors are busy with activities:  festivals, celebrations, HATS programs, summer camps, science camps, music and dance workshops, yoga, meditation, weekend discourses and temple tours.  We have so many great programs benefitting our community, our youth, all Minnesotans and people from our neighboring states.

There are many generous members of our Hindu community who have borne the responsibility to carry our day to day needs and financial obligations.  I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have unstintingly supported our community over the years.  We now request each one of you to step forward and join us and be a part of our temple devotee base to fulfill our financial obligations.  Please pledge and commit whatever you are comfortable with.  Your contribution will mean a lot to sustain our monumental temple.  It will help us accomplish our mission to serve our community's growing needs.

There are many levels of memberships: Trustee, Lifetime Trustee etc. For more information on membership and payment options, please contact  By contributing, we can all feel that we own a part of our majestic temple. Our temple was started as a dream and vision several years ago.  It has become reality due to the financial support and personal involvement from people like you.  We are a large Hindu community in Minnesota. Our Hindu community has outstanding volunteers who can work wonders together! Our success is deeply dependent on our ownership, our commitment and our pledge to support!




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