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Hindu Youth of Minnesota (HYMN)
If you are a teenager (Age 13 and up) feel free to email us at: hinduyouthmn @ gmail.com
If you are an adult who is willing to speak about their careers to the HYMN teeangers, please contact us as well!
Mission Statement
"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter that course of history." - Mohandas Gandhi
The Hindu Youth of Minnesota exists to help bridge together Indian Youth to develop a more closely knit community. Through the development of programs to extend the sphere of service at the Hindu Youth of Minnesota, we will capitalize on the advantages of our communal facility. We take pride in our Indian Heritage and American upbringing and will work towards a synthesis in order to form a more perfect communitiy.
Upcoming Events:
Our next MANDATORY HYMN body meeting is this Saturday, January 8th, at 3:30pm in the Temple auditorium. 
Previous Events: 
Ratri Before Navratri: A symbol for the triumph of good over evil, Navratri is a 10 day celebration during harvest time. In these ten days, three goddesses are worshiped, Devi Durga, Devi Lakshmi and Devi Saraswati. A final day is devoted to celebrating the victory of Rama and Goddess Durga; this day is referred to as Vijayadashmi (“Victory on the 10th day”).
Though many traditional events occur every day of Navratri, one of the most popular would be the custom of playing Dandia and Garba. For the HYMN group, the experiences we had had as children of this glorious festival always included the Dandia and Garba dancing we had done. We all wished to remember the fun we had as little kids barely of school age…then, a spectacular idea hit us! The idea of planning our own Dandia and Garba event!
Our primary responsibility was to lay out the goals we had for this event, and they were as follows. First, spread our culture to the youth, Hindu or otherwise. Second, create an event targeted towards the youth. Third, raise money for the temple. Fourth, have as much fun as possible!
Our second responsibility was to contact different adults who could help us figure out the administrative part of the event. We decided the day, DJ and catering team, we came up with a price for tickets as well as Dandia sticks, keeping in mind the limit the expenditure. Additionally, we created flyers and began to publicize the event everywhere that was possible. We distributed our flyers to schools, local files, India Town, grocery stores, and the Temple. We enthusiastically shared information about the event to anyone and everyone.
This being our first official event, we did not have an estimate of how many individuals would join us in our celebration, but we prepared for the best as well as the worst. Projecting at least 100 people, we prepared packages of Prasad for the attendees. In preparation, we also helped to set up the auditorium area in the Temple for the occasion.
Our hard work turned out to be for the best, to our surprise; we had 323 attendees, as well as raised over 1500 dollars! The success we had in this has encouraged us to plan similar events in the future.