Hindu American Temple School (HATS)

Hindu American Temple School (HATS)

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Hindu American Temple School (HATS) 

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The Educational branch of The Hindu Society of Minnesota (HSM)


  1. The school will follow a graded and a diverse curriculum that meets the requirements of children (from ages 4-15 yrs) growing up in the American society. Adult classes may also be offered in the future.

  2. The classes will cover different aspects of Hindu Dharma, including spiritual practices such as Yoga, in an age appropriate manner. In future, we may add classes on languages, music and art forms associated with Hindu societies.

  3. The school will not favor any one Hindu tradition over another, and will be non-sectarian and all-inclusive in keeping with the eclectic nature of the Hindu Temple in Maple Grove, MN. In higher grades, students might be exposed to diverse viewpoints within the Hindu tradition, and will be encouraged to compare and contrast our traditions with other religious traditions.

  4. A summary of the curriculum planned for different grades may be obtained by requesting the Admissions Coordinator or a representative at the hospitality desk. The curriculum for different grades in HATS is designed to synchronize with the material that the children learn in their regular schools in that particular grade.

  5. Teaching is entirely done by trained volunteers. No prior qualifications are required for parents to volunteer as teachers, but they must undergo training provided by HATS teachers committee. Parents with specialized skills such as teaching licenses are highly encouraged to serve as volunteer teachers.

  6. The medium of instruction in the religion classes will be English although students will be encouraged to learn spiritual vocabulary from sacred Hindu languages such as Sanskrit and Tamil.


Contact HATS AT(@) hindumandirmn DOT(.) org for any questions or suggestions