Sri Abilash Ramachandrabatter

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Shri Abilash Ramachandrabatter Ji 

(763) 269-9676

Abilash joined our Temple in November, 2013. He hails from Madanapalle in Andhra Pradesh. Abilash is trained in the Pancharatra Agamas from the T.T.D. Veda Patashala in Tirumala. He has also passed the Agama Pravesh and Vara exams conducted by the Andhra Pradesh Endowment. Abhilash worked as a priest in the Sri Venkateswara Swamy and Shirdi Sai Baba Temples for 8 years. Abhilash obtained his B.A. (English literature) and, in addition,  can speak in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi. He is  well versed with a variety of Hindu rituals, Homas, Abhishekams and Pujas conducted both in the Temple and in the home of devotees.