Lord Ganesha



vakratuNDa mahAkAya kOTisuryasamapraBa |nirviGnM kuru me deva sarvakAryeShu sarvadA ||May the mighty Lord

Ganesha who shines like billion suns destroy our evil thoughts and inspire us to overcome our evil tendencies and lead us to success in our every endeavor by making our path totally free of obstacles.


Lord Ganesha, has been prayed to, worshipped and adored in one form or another since the beginning of time all over the world. He is the closest to the material plane of consciousness and hence can be most easily contacted and thus is able to assist us in our day to day life and concerns, He is recognized as the Lord of Wisdom who helps us to overcome the obstacles and brings us the true happiness. Lord Ganesh is prayed to before undertaking any activity including Vedic rituals and prayers to any other Deities. He is one of the two sons of Lord Siva & Goddess Parvati.

 Lord Ganesha is the Deity that embodies power, wisdom and memory of the elephant and also the agility of the tiny mouse which is usually near his feet. The mouse chews out everything into small bits and pieces and symbolizes the passage of time which gradually destroys all existing things in this world. Lord Ganesha rules Time and exists eternally.  He frequently carries a noose to capture and hold back the obstacles of the devotees and a goad to propel us on the eternal path of righteousness. The sweets in his hand represent the Siddhi, the gladdening fulfillment or the joy hidden within everything which symbolizes the knowledge that confers eternal bliss. Lord Ganesha sits contentedly upon the muladhara chakra which controls the forces of memory. True worship is maintaining a balance between all three modalities, Rituals, Devotion & Metaphysics. True worship perceives Lord Ganesha as the eternal, undying and formless vortex of consciousness, the only real entity in the schema of the cosmos. The cupola of our temple is blessed with 24 different action figures of Lord Ganesha.