soubhAgyasantatikaram sarvatra vijayapradam |
yasminkasmindine martyo bhaktishraddhasamanvitaH ||

On any day when a mortal prays to Lord Satya Narayana with utmost faith & devotion, He blesses that individual with a long and happy married life, a healthy and happy progeny and makes one successful in every endeavor.

In the present day and age (Kaliyuga), one of the best ways to receive the Divine Blessings is to pray to Lord Satya Narayana. Though the special prayers can be offered to Him any time, the evenings of Sankranti and Full Moon days are considered the best.

The detailed description of the Vrata is given by Lord Narayana to Sage Narada specifically to help the mortals meet the daily challenges and overcome the human miseries. That account is documented in the Reva section of the Skanda Purana. Through short and simple stories the individual learns the art of becoming a true devotee.

Through the story of a poor Brahmin one learns how to achieve material prosperity. Through the story of a wood cutter one learns that listening to the stories with intense devotion and accepting the prasad with immense faith in Lord Satya Narayana one attains the supreme abode of Satya Loka. Through the story of the merchant one learns that one can attain progeny through the prayers to Lord Satya Narayana; however there can be negative consequences if you do not follow through with Vrata appropriately. If one becomes truly remorseful even after several oversights Sri Satya Narayana is forgiving as well. Through the story of an arrogant king we learnt that one should never be disrespectful of Him. Such special prayers are routinely offered even by the exalted souls. If one who attends the worship, hears His sacred stories, and eats the Prasad with faith, devotion and an attitude of self-surrender to Lord Satya Narayana, one can enjoy worldly pleasures as well as achieve ever elusive spiritual enlightenment.

The beautiful Sri Satya Narayana in our temple is seen carrying in His hands Conch Shell, Sudarshan Chakra and Mace. A Lotus can be seen on His hand that is blessing the devotees.