manojavam mArutatulyavegam jitendriyam buddhimatAm variShTham |
vAtAtmajam vAnarayUthamukhyam SrI rAmadUtam sharaNaM prapadye ||

I bow down my head in reverence to Lord Hanuman, a unique being who travels as fast as the mind and the wind, one who has mastered his sense organs, one who is the best amongst all the intelligent beings, one who is the son of the Wind-God and the chief of the army of vanaras (monkeys) and is the personal envoy of Lord Rama.


Hanuman one of the eight Chiranjeevas (Immortal) was born on the full moon night of the month of Chaitra in the Brahmagiri hills near Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra to his mother Anjana. Hence he is also known as ‘Anjaneya’. As a child, assuming that the sun was a ripe mango, he took a flight to take a bite out of it when Lord Indra threw his thunderbolt at him. He withdrew it as soon as the Hanuman's father, the Wind-God instructed Indra in no uncertain terms to refrain from doing so. However the permanent scar on his chin (Hanu) as the result of that fierce thunderbolt impact resulted in him getting the popular name Hanuman. He is considered an incarnation Lord Siva according to Shweteshwar Upanishad and has been called as the 11th form of Rudra.

He became a devotee of Lord Rama at their very first meeting when Lord Rama revealed his true nature to him. Unquestionably he was a true hero in the victory of Sri Rama over the demon King Ravana. He identified the exact site where Sri Sita was held in captivity and also helped Sri Rama to build the famous bridge from the southern tip of India to Sri Lanka so as to facilitate an effective war against Ravana. He placed Ravana on alert for his immoral acts and their upcoming consequences by setting the city literally on fire. During the crucial stage of the fierce battle he brought the life saving herb for Laxmana by lifting the entire mountain called Dronagiri.

When Lord Rama directed his brother Laxman's question "Who am I", Sri Hanuman answered that at the level of the body he was simply the devotee (DAsa) of God, at the level of mind & intellect he was just a minute part (Amsha) of God; however at the spiritual level he was identical to God! Sri Hanuman here in Maple Grove is a perfect devotee of Sri Rama looking with admiration at his LORD right across him.  This is one of the most beautiful Icon of Lord Hanuman in the world with a perfectly lowered right shoulder so as to balance and carry the heavy Dronagiri Mountain harboring the life saving "Sanjeevani" herb on the left shoulder.