Jain Tirthankars

In Jain Religion there are 24 Tirthankars in this Era. According to Jain philosophy, all Tirthankars were born as human beings who attained a state of perfect enlightenment through meditation and self realization. The Murti (icon) represents the qualities of a Tirthankars but not a physical body.  Hence the Murties of all Tirthankars are similar.  Each Tirthankar has a unique emblem or symbol (Lanchhan) that distinguishes each Murti.  All of them are referred to as Jina which means that they have conquered inner weakness such as anger, ego, delusion and greed. Sitting in lotus posture or standing straight illustrates a form of deepest meditation.  The face and eyes shower us with love and compassion and inspire calmness within us.  Darshan of Jina inspires a devotee to achieve the attributes of Jina to his/her soul. Our temple is fashioned after the Jain temple architecture in Dilwara, Ranakpur and Palitana.

BHAGWAN AADINATH or RISHABHADEVA (on right) is the first Tirthankar with emblem of Bull representing Strength & service.  Murti is in Pravachan (Sermon) mode (Swetambar tradition).

BHAGWAN PARSHVANATH (Moolnayak -in center) is the Twenty third Tirthankar with emblem of Serpent representing protection with its hood.  Murti is in Pravachan (Sermon) mode (Swetambar tradition). 

BHAGWAN MAHAVIR SWAMI (on left) is the Twenty-fourth and last Tirthankar with emblem of Lion representing the power.  Murti is in meditative mode (Digambar tradition)